Really, the only things you should know going into this are:

1) I sometimes use what we might call “salty” language.  I try to use it sparingly.

2) I am kind of surprised you’re reading this.  But I am super grateful and will try to make it worth your while.

Aside from that –  I’m a proud mom of a second grader and a behemoth 140-pound puppy.   I call my husband Santiago. And it works for him.  

I’ve spent my rather extensive career writing in some way, shape or form.  I have created an eclectic collection of business writing – from news releases for nonprofit organizations and tv news stories for a CBS affiliate to  racing stories for a quarter horse news paper and  marketing collateral, radio and print advertising for a Fortune 500 telecom.   I’ve loved it, too.

But what I haven’t done is write for pure enjoyment.  So I’m doing that now.

If you’re still here, thank you for being here.


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