This can’t be good.

About a gazillion years ago, when Santiago and I were dating, I made this casual observation while we were driving in the car.  Technically, he was driving and I was, as we call it, “appreciating the scenery:”

Me: Do you ever wonder if those giant round hay bales are actually hay bales?

S:  What else might they be?

Me:  Aliens.

S: (without flinching)  How so?

Me:  I’m not sure yet.  But I think they’re preparing an attack.  Look how they’re lining up along the fence rows.  Or stacked in symmetrical proportions.  They’re  obviously up to no good.

S:  They’re microscopic aliens who have nested in the individual strands of hay, and now they’re slowly getting into formation.  (God. Bless. Him)

Me:  If that’s the case, there are some farmers in for some serious shit.  Mark my words, this will not end well for human kind.

S:  We’ll call them Pods.

Me:  I think that’s only appropriate.

I suggest if you have agriculturally-inclined loved ones, you keep a close eye on them.  These particular Pod aliens move slowly and deliberately, and they. are. every. where.


2 thoughts on “This can’t be good.

  1. I actually have a theory on that too. .. it involves an intricate conspiracy between the department of agriculture and homeland security. I totally need to plant a spy camera on a crow so I can prove it.

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